Native Plants at the
Nā Pōhaku o Hauwahine Restoration Project


A. splendens (EBG) Achyranthes splendens

‘Ewa hinahina

Scale = 4/5

NOTES: Good seed producer, although most germinate close to parent. Seedlings can be transplanted after reaching ~5+ cm height. Species surviving, but not spreading. Grows best in full sun, exposed locations. Selected for population expansion with seeds germinated in nursery in 2010 with minor success; at best maintained the small population. Now (2013) following a couple of seedlings that came up near parent.


Population: 3 (12/13)

Nototrichium humile Nototrichium humile


Scale = 3

NOTES: We are expanding population from cuttings. Grows well in both full sun and partial shade; slow growing or gradual decline in deep shade.

Nototrichium sandwicense


Scale = 2/3

NOTES: A few plantings are surviving, but species not spreading.


Population: 1 (12/13)


'ohe makai Polycias sandwicensis (Reynoldsia)

‘Ohe makai

Scale = 3

NOTES: Flowering of larger specimen observed each year since December '07, but no seeds recovered. Possibly seeds are being taken by birds.


Population: 2 (3/11)

Polycias racemosum (Munroidendron)


Scale = 3/4

NOTES: One of two specimens (on right in photo) developed a bacterial infection of the trunk in 2011 and eventually died, but seeds were recovered and these were successfully grown in the nursery. Approximately a dozen juveniles have been outplanted. The other tree flowered in 2011, but fruiting stalk removed by unauthorized person(s).


Population: 2+ (3/11)


Cordia subcordata


Scale = 5

NOTES: This species is spreading well on its own and is becoming (along with milo) one of the main forest tree species at Nā Pōhaku, replacing the former koa haole forest.


Population: TNTC


Chenopodium oahuense

‘Aweoweo, ‘aheahea

Scale = 4/5

NOTES: In 2009 this species was selected for an expanded presence at Nā Pōhaku, with the result that over a dozen individuals are now scattered about the site and seedlings are spotted regularly. Continued propagation in the nursery from seeds expanded the population in 2010. Population now expanding on its own.

Population: 0 (12/07), ~12 (12/09)