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  115a (94) Flowers light purple, solitary, and between 1.0 and 1.5 cm across. Stems fleshy and usually reddish. Plant spreading, forming low, thick mats on calcareous substrata near the sea. `Akulikuli or sea purslane. [IND] [FAC]


Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L.
115b Flowers much smaller and clustered: many born within a common structure which is either a cone-like head or a fleshy organ. Stems reddish or not. [116]
  116a (115) Leaves opposite, tending to squarish in cross-section. Stem fleshy to slightly woody, usually angled or grooved. Fruit in leaf axil and resembling a small yellow to green pickle. Growing as a low shrub in salt marshes. Pickleweed or `akulikuli kai [NAT]


Batis maritima L.
116b Leaves opposite and flattened oval in cross-section. Stems fleshy and often reddish. Growing as a low mat near salt water and on calcareous substrata. May not be naturalized in Hawai`i (but spreading by vegetative means north of Kahuku town on O`ahu). Samphire, silver head [?FACW] [?NAT]


Blutaparon vermiculare (L.) Mears
  117a (109) ung-choi (Ki`i ditch)Plant vine-like, creeping over water surface on spongy stems. Leaves sagittate (triangular to arrow-shaped), basal lobes conspicuous or not. Flowers purple or white and typical of morning glory (funnelform with ruffled margins). Cultivated (and perhaps naturalized) in streams. Ung-choi
Ipomoea aquatica Forssk.
117b Plant not vine-like and leaves hardly or not at all sagittate. [130]

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